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Wish Wednesday - When a Wish Becomes a Career

Amanda showcases her work at a solo exhibit
Every wish leaves an impact – some offer an escape from the fear of illness, others see a child through treatments and into recovery. But every now and then, wishes take kids all the way to their dream careers.
In 2008, Amanda was a 17-year-old with an autoimmune disease and a passion for photography. Her wish to have a new camera was granted at a surprise party, where she started casually snapping pictures. Photography quickly become more than a hobby. Amanda discovered in herself a talent for taking photos – a calling. She stayed behind the lens as a student at Oklahoma City University, where she earned a degree in photography. On the day of her first solo exhibit, Amanda reflected on how her wish experience directed her career. She surveyed the room, which was filled with props and photos that allowed viewers to experience what it’s like to live with an autoimmune disease. They could see the world through the eyes – or perhaps more appropriately, the lens – of Amanda. The eyes of an artist.

Daniel's appearance on AMHQ made the rounds on TwitterTen-year-old Daniel already has a vision of his future … a forecast, if you will. Daniel loves weather, and he can name every meteorologist on The Weather Channel. His greatest wish was to be a meteorologist at The Weather Channel for a day. Last month, a few of his weather idols welcomed Daniel to the network’s headquarters in Atlanta and showed him around his very own studio room. The day included talking weather with meteorologists Mike Bettes and Vivian Brown and severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes, touring the newsroom, guest starring on AMHQ – a morning program on The Weather Channel – and checking out the Tornado Track vehicles. The highlight? Delivering the forecast for his hometown of North Wales, Penn. and making the transition from kid to real meteorologist.

When 12-year-old Thomas from Tempe, Ariz. made his wish, he was also thinking of his future. This career-minded boy has big plans of becoming a CEO, and wanted to pick the brain of Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson. His wish took him to San Diego for the BIO International Convention, which brings together the biggest names in biotechnology. And it was in front of this impressive crowd that Thomas posed his question to Branson. “What do you value most in life?” Branson’s answer surprised Thomas … health, he said. That answer “meant a lot to me because I’m a leukemia survivor,” Thomas told local media. After a private meeting with Branson, Thomas has an even stronger vision of his future as a successful – and healthy – executive.

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