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How Can Your Talents Change the World?

Namine volunteer becky dress
Right now around the world, thousands of girls are wearing princess dresses. Some are classic fairytale princesses. Others are from famous animated films. Some are from the world of anime. But there’s one princess dress you need to know about right now – it belongs to 7-year-old Namine.

Namine’s father, Paul, writes a blog for his family. Many of the stories focus on Namine and the medical challenges she faces, her ongoing quest for independence and her Make-A-Wish® experience. One of the most-interesting posts on his blog is about Becky

Namine volunteer becky dressBecky is one of those people who can turn fabric and thread into incredible wearable works of art – I can only imagine what she can do when Halloween rolls around. Somehow, Becky learned about Namine … about the heart condition that has affected every aspect of her life since birth and all the surgeries she’s endured. And Becky also heard about Namine’s wish to visit her favorite theme park.

This is a critical moment. It’s one thing to hear about a child facing life-disrupting challenges and to hear about a child who has a wish. But it’s something else entirely to look at your life, your abilities and your time. I don’t know exactly how Becky and Namine crossed paths. But I do know that Becky realized there was some way she could help.

Becky made a dress that can grow with Namine. Nearly every part of the dress is adjustable. It’s made to drape elegantly over her wheelchair, and looks just as good when she uses her walker.  

Namine volunteer becky dressHonestly, Namine could’ve gone to her favorite theme park without a princess dress. She would’ve had a great time. Becky and her abilities elevated Namine’s wish to a life-altering event. 

Becky is not alone. I can think of many other volunteers who used their abilities to create experiences that have astounded wish kids and their families. I remember one person who offered to chauffeur a wish kid in her DeLorean during a wish. Another offered her theatrical skills to create an experience straight out of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Still others with construction skills have built playsets, special-needs playgrounds and even a backyard hockey rink. 

There are so many people with infinite combinations of talent and interests – and each of them can have some role in creating a transformation, pivotal wish for the kids we serve. It’s just a matter of letting us know how you can help. If you have a skill and the desire to use it to help wish kids, find out how to contact Make-A-Wish in your area.

Find out how one volunteer led the way in creating a wish that captivated an entire city.

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